Paint Correction is the technique and method of “correcting” any defects or flaws in the clear coat of your vehicle. Using a variety of polishing techniques, pads, abrasive compounds, and polishes, the paint of your vehicle can have its optical clarity restored.


There are multiple stages of paint corrections for different needs of the vehicle.

Single Stage

Single stage paint correction is perfect for brand new vehicles, daily drivers, or as a budget-friendly option.

This process can remove up to 95% of swirls, haze, and light imperfections for brand new vehicles and 70-75% for used vehicles

2 Stage

2 stage paint corrections are for vehicles with heavier defects that a single stage cannot remove

This process can remove up to 80-90% of medium scratches and imperfections.

Multiple Stage

Multiple stage paint correction are for vehicles with severe defects or for perfectionists who just want their cars to look perfect.

This process can remove up to 95% of defects and imperfection leaving your vehicle looking brand new again.