When we find things we’re passionate about, we harness that into a profession. At Auto Art Detailing we are passionate about beautiful things, and in particular – A beautiful set of wheels.

The love affair with meticulous car detailing began with just a guy and his very first car – a Subaru WRX and taking pride in the art of taking something from dirty to clean, from flawed to perfection, aiming to recreate that fuzzy feeling you had when you first drove your very first car, or your dream car out of the dealership.

Auto Art Detailing provides premium Detailing Services such as Paint Protection, Paint Correction and Interior & Wheel Protection. We are constantly developing our processes in paint correction, protection and Detailing. Despite the growing number of car detailers in Melbourne, we pride ourselves in having the knowledge, endless patience and passion to perfect the appearance of any vehicle that is given to us to detail or protect.